Friday, 20 December 2013



Alhamdullilah.. my lovely brother.. got straight a for his exam.... I knew he can do it... now it's my turn to wait my result for spm.. I really do not and confidence are low... I hope I can achieve it.... -Always smile -

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One of my bestfriend..

Actually... I knew her since we on standard 3 maybe.. but we never know each other ..just know where we school... when we were 13 years old. We were in same high school and we were in same class that's called as 1 perdana... I just called her ECAH..  I knew we just being friend for five years but I know she always beside me.. this year we doesn't in same class.. maybe we stay apart but we try our best... :) that's it.. i will continue next time...: )-always smile-

Mood happy :)

Yesterday ..was a memorable day.. I  got an event to attend.. its very exciting ... actually that's my last event as a high school student...
Prefect ...its teach me how to be more mature and learn more about life and friendship... i know I will miss my teacher.. her name. Teacher irma.. she really a sporting teacher that i knew... friends ,they all I can cry right now. But yesterday one of my day. I and my brother got many present and awards... alhamdullilah... I really love this!!!  :)-Always smile -